Wednesday, October 20, 2010


By: Miss Notorious

The wonderful Made in the U.S.A. brand American Apparel is getting creative and has come up with Halloween costumes made from their garments. Have you ever heard that saying where you can always make something out of nothing? Well in this case, as plain and simple as American Apparel garments may look, you can always whip up an amazing outfit using their pieces whether you're going for a casual look, a night out with your girls, or...Halloween! All you need is an open mind and some creativity. Check out some of these American Apparel costume ideas. These are my personal favorites!

&Speaking of creativity, AA is hosting a Halloween contest. All you need to do is include at least one visible AA garment in you costume, take a picture of yourself, and submit it to their website. You can submit as many costumes idea as you please, but there will only be one winner that will be granted a $500.00 AA gift card. Good luck to anyone who enters the competition!


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