Wednesday, October 20, 2010


By: RoseBuhd

If you know me, you know that I'm super rogue... Rogue in the way that I don't really care what you're SUPPOSED to do. What do I mean? Well, for my friend's 21st birthday a few days ago, we didn't have a raging, wild party... nope. We went apple picking, ate tons of food, AND proceeded to make apple pie from those picked apples.
We went to Julian, apparently tons of people are aware of that as the apple place except for me. Definitely a fun experience, since we went with 11 people, a few who I had just met. It was only $10 to get a bag, and fill it up as much as you want. I'm guessing some people cheat and use their own bags, but seriously, sooooooo many apples, it was hard to fill up the bag we were given. @_@
Word to the wise: bring a super tall friend to get the apples on top.

 Tiny apples! Super delish.
Worked as a unit to get those apples prepared!
But: inexperienced cutters + very sharp knives + hard-to-peel apples + a little EtOH = Dangerous! Haha, we live on the wild side.

Progress on the homemade apple pie!
 Just a little brown sugar and cinnamon...

Now you know: I'm a pro at pie crust weaving. ;]

A product of blood, sweat, and tears.

Happy Birthday, Ana! <3

Moral of the story: Go pick some apples or cherries... OR go do something out of the ordinary!



  1. how cute!!!! you are very rogue for this!!!! NOW SEND ME SOME ASAP!!! :]

  2. hehehe. oh, man! i still have HELLA i don't know what do to with them. my friends also have hella and we're trying to give them to each other. i will seriously send you some. hahaha.