Wednesday, November 10, 2010


By: ParisBobby

He Is We is set to drop their debut album November 23rd, and seeing as they will be performing this Friday, November 12th in San Francisco, in addition to their amazing-ness, it makes them our Female Gone Rogue band of the week. He Is We is brought to you from Tacoma, Washintgon, where the members Rachel and Trevor met while working at a music store, they started jamming together in the back of the store, put their music online, and the rest is history. named them the top unsigned bands of 2009, and November 23rd they will drop their first album "My Forever." He Is We is an indie pop band lead by the lead singer Rachel Taylor, and the music created by Trevor Kelley. Their songs contain catchy melodies that get stuck in your head all day, but in a good way. Most songs are very upbeat and talk of love ("All About Us"), life ("Happily Ever After"), and even abusive relationships ("Too Beautiful"). You can download all of their old demos for free @ (DO IT! It's free music!) and you can listen to their new song "And Run" off their album @ You can also follow them on Twitter : @HeIsWE.
They are currently on tour with the Rocket Summer, and will be playing @ Thee Parkside Acoustic in SF at 9pm Friday, November 12th.


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  1. 1) I like how their last names could be the opposite sex's name.
    2) They're coming to my school next week!