Friday, December 17, 2010


By: Jayde

Alright so here it is! We have spent weeks and weeks working on our prosthetic pieces. Our final was to create two pieces and apply it onto the face. Of course, the process was very long so it all takes awhile.

First, we had to cast our faces. If you've ever had braces, the process of putting the mold stuff into your mouth to make a copy of your teeth so they can create a retainer for you, this is pretty much the same thing. Except with plaster and alginate.
Next we get non-drying clay to mold the prosthetic pieces into the shapes we want on our casted heads. I didn't get a picture of it.. but I hope you have a mental image going on!
I cast the clay molds again to make these two pieces and pour in Liquid Latex.
After I take them out, it looks like this:

And from here, we begin application. My concept was inspired by Disney Pixar's
beloved fishy character Dory from Finding Nemo.*
The pieces are put on with a product called Spirit Gum.
It's pretty much Super Glue for the face. And yes, it hurt a lot to remove.
It took much longer to take off all my makeup in the end than it did to apply.
I am using Ben Nye's Creme Color makeup. This is oil-based makeup. **
And the final product...

Here are some other examples of makeup done by the other females in my class:

*Shout to Julie Nguyen for having me do her hair and makeup for her Dory Halloween costume which is where I got this idea from!

**Upcoming makeup tips and tricks post!

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