Wednesday, December 22, 2010


By: RoseBuhd

The past week, I went on one of the best trips of my life! What was that trip? That would be a collegiate challenge with my school's Habitat for Humanity organization. We went to Questa/Taos, New Mexico, which was about 7500 ft in elevation... a huge difference from almost my normal sea level... running was difficult.

UCSD H4H! Yup yup, girlies out numbered the boys. ;P
All of them are fantastic people.

In case you were wondering... we DROVE from San Diego allllll the way to Questa, New Mexico... and we had to pass through the wackness Arizona.

Yes, this is how nerdy we are... at a rest stop while waiting for another car, we convened to solve crossword puzzles.

One of the coordinators and a very good friend of mine. :]

So one of the car's tires exploded... it was such a good thing they were not driving while this happened. Let it be known that if you feel something weird while driving, you should pull over and be careful because a tire has the same amount of pressure as a grenade.

CACTUS! Weird! Haha... they hurt... don't touch.

We stopped in Winslow, Arizona... like The Eagles song! Which was also fantastic because...

... our car's code name: The Soaring Eagles.
I miss my car-mates. :/

ALRIGHT! First day of building and this is what I found in the church that we stayed in!

Yaaay! Putting up drywall! Thank goodness it wasn't insulation, because THAT stuff kills by itch.
Alrighty, so we just had to cut the dry wall to fit it in place, then nail it in.

Look at all those college kids working together!

That's right, we had 2 groups... first it was a little awkward, but we ended up getting along pretty well. :]

Yes, we did have tons of fun and lots of laughs.
How amazing is my group? Homemade tacos/burritos/fajitas!

UCSD + UCI bonding over the meteor shower! Crazy boys lying on the COLD ground.

Everyone was so excited. We cheered every time we saw one!

This was my second H4H trip and I knew about half of the group prior to leaving... But this one week with everyone was the most amazing bonding experience. We went out to explore, cooked and ate together, played tons of games, and got to do something good for the world together.
I must tell you that I miss these kids A LOT.
More to come...

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