Sunday, December 19, 2010

POLITICS | PETITION : Rape Against Lesbian African Women

by Jayde

In South Africa there is a common practice called "corrective rape" where men rape and batter lesbian women back to heterosexuality. Many are assaulted, mutilated, and sometimes even murdered. Other victims resort to suicide to liberate themselves.

Here are some frightening facts:

  • 31 lesbian women have been murdered because of their sexuality
  • More than 10 lesbians a week are raped or gang raped in Cape Town alone
  • 150 women are raped every day in South Africa
  • For every 25 men accused of rape in South Africa, 24 walk free

Please help stop this act by signing this petition to show the people of South Africa that "corrective rape" is indeed a hate crime against humanity. Help make every part of this world a better and safer place for all women and men.

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