Friday, December 24, 2010


By: RoseBuhd

Part 2! We did a lot of building and had a lot of adventures this portion of the trip, mostly because there was no snow and we were able to get work done! :]

This is us on the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. Yes, we did risk our lives to get this picture! Hahaha, people must've thought we were crazy.

 Like the nerds that we are, we got to the build site early... so UCI proposed that we play Ninja.

So in Ninja, all you do is try to hit the hand of the person next to you or evade the person next to you in one swift move. It's really fun. :]

 It came down to a championship between our UCSD freshie and their UCI heat radiator!
Our freshie won!

It's all love between our 2 schools though!
WOO! Anteaters and Tritons!

Our UCSD men!
 The UCSD females!

Ahh, amateur hour :/ Eh, you just need a little putty and we're all good. :]

So we went on a crazy adventure, with minimal amount of directions and rough terrain to find HOT SPRINGS! Well, in addition to the hot spring, we were also right next to the Rio Grande river, which was absolutely GORGEOUS and oh-so peaceful.

Nature is amazing.

Here's a crazy thing about this hot spring: one part is super hot, then if you move 2 inches out, it's freezing cold. Definitely a natural wonder. Geothermal heat, ftw.

So when we left... the sun had started to set and it was getting dark FAST. Well, we kinda got lost on the way back... and I ended up running into some cactus and this is what happened (word of advice, don't touch cactus):

 The next day, we went to see ALPACAS! The cousin of llamas, and who doesn't love those?!

We got to feed the alpacas while the llamas were being guards. It was so fun!

This one was kind of aggressive... and it was very windy. Their fur is so expensive, and rightly so, they were so soft and warm. Ahh, but definitely couldn't afford a skein at $10 an ounce.

 Oh, and if you didn't know, I knit.

We also went to see Earthships. It's a cool community that uses other's garbage as treasures to build their homes. They are completely self-sustainable. That house is made from cement and glass bottles!

Tires are very popular.

Also that night, we went to go eat and some of us had elk burger, goat and rattlesnake-rabbit sausage! Crazy, right?!
Live life!


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