Monday, December 27, 2010


By: RoseBuhd

Part 3 of my adventures! This is basically the portion where it snows, we act like little kids and we do inside things!

Tip from us girls: Do not go out in the snow when your hair is moist, it will freeze. 0_0

That's dedication, walking through the snow to the build site!

Chalk lines were so fun! Basically, you pull out this red string along the drywall to indicate where you should make a cut, then pull it tight and pull it to flick it onto the wall where it will leave a straight line. It's more fun than it sounds, haha.
My partner and I putting in part of the drywall. Our closet came out so well. :]

Then we plastered to cover up holes and to even out the walls.

Then... Kenny was killed. Hahaha.

Bananagrams, with one of the coolest designs made.
We're nerdy.

I love my team! They MADE pizza for all 12 of us. DEEE-LICIOUS!

Hahaha, CHUG THE ORANGE JUICE!! Beastin' it!

Music time with the pastor of the church we were occupying.

We then continued with our crossword puzzle insanity. Tehehe.

SNOW SNOW SNOW! So we all went outside and engaged in mischief, including writing on the cars,throwing snowballs, and making a snowman.

Mid-snowball-throw towards me. -___- I got him back GOOD though. Haha.

Time to create the snowman.

Oh, 20 degree weather, how I'm so glad to be away from you. Snow days are fun though... nothing but BONDING going on.

Just one more part to go!


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